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Coaching for Parents and Educators
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Coaching for Parents and Educators

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Parents and Educators: You are dedicated to developing your kiddos to grow into the best version of themselves to be happy, healthy and successful. It’s not easy, and you don’t always feel as supported and appreciated as you should. It’s important that you take care of yourself and get the support you need to ensure you are also able to be happy, healthy and successful doing what you love. 

Individual and group coaching (including virtual options) now available.  

What is Coaching?
  • Partnership
  • Process designed to support client's goals and needs
  • Open-ended questions to facilitate self-discovery
  • NOT therapy or a class
What is Group Coaching?
  • Coaching with a shared focus and expectations
  • Group members have related affiliations, experiences or goals
  • Community of support
  • My group coaching format includes a focused topic, questions for reflection and discussion and live coaching (voluntary)

Kjirsten has two coaching certifications, both with the International Coaching Federation; one specializing in social and emotional intelligence. She has practiced coaching most of her career as well, focusing on career coaching with leaders in the organizations within which she has worked.

Want to Learn More?  Please go to Contact Us and choose the Coaching option in the drop-down menu. FREE consultation.

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